Simple Rules Can Make Your Hair Look Amazing.

Achieving the perfect hair look was always an issue for each woman. In case you want to improve your hair look, just follow several rules, which can help you have a better hair.


The link between hair color and skin tone is obvious, so don’t go for colors that are contrasting to much with your face. Experts are recommending avoiding darkest shades, in case your hair is light brown and on the contrary – to not go for lighter shades, if your hair is dark.


Moisture is another rule for perfect hair. Choose intensive conditioning at least once a week. Always towel dry your hair, before using hair dryer and conditioning.


Try to switch to healthy diet regime, for it is feeding the hair with the right ingredients- proteins and vitamins.

Avoid the sun or at least try to protect your hair, for sun also damages the hair. After sun bathing, use nourishing products. Home- made masks are good option, if not- go for masks for deep treating and repairing, but to do that once in a month.


Brush the hair, only when is dry and treat the knots with patience. Regular trimming is also the key to the perfect hair.

Don’t over-style your hair, because effortlessly sexy is the new tendency for hair that amazes.


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