The DIY Professional Hair Care For Your Hair

In case you are out of your beauty budget and you need a professional care for your hair, here are few tips how to improve your hair look by yourself.

Most of the experts are recommending homemade hair masks, which are far better than those you buy, simply because you know what your homemade mask contains.


Prepare your own deep conditioner with the products, which are staying in your fridge. This can sound a bit unusual, but try to apply yogurt on your hair and you will see it is actually a good conditioner.

Mayonnaise also works as conditioner and it is even recommended for dry hair with no shine.

hair care 1

In case you are buying hair products, make sure they are based on natural ingredients. You can use hair silicone at home. Applying drops of it on your hair will turn back the natural glow of your hair.

hair care 2

In case your hair needs clarifying, it is not necessary to spend tons of cash for that. Simply go for the old good baking soda method. Try to remove your hair ends as you cut them and apply conditioner on them. Brush the hair as much as you can, it is useful and encourages hair growth.


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