Tips And Tricks To Help You Remove Black Hair Dye At Home

As often as we change our shoes, we like to give our mane an uplifting hue.

When you are tired of the black, and want to go for a shade or shades lighter, here are some tips on removing black hair dye.

Keep in mind, removing black hair dye is a challenge especially if the dye is permanent. It is highly recommended to let it grow out.

However, if you want to attack this now, then try the following tips: just be sure to include a good dose of patience along with it.Color Zap Color Removal Kit

Make a run to your local beauty salon or drug store and get the strongest clarifying shampoo. These shampoos are geared for dealing with stubborn hair dyes. You may need to shampoo repeatedly to get results.

L’Oreal has a fabulous kit called L’Oreal Color Zap Color Removal Kit, which is specifically designed to remove permanent hair color. The product does have some bleaching component so don’t’ be alarmed if your hair turns out to be a tad lighter than normal.

Also the product is pretty strong so make sure you use a high quality conditioner right after to ensure that your hair isn’t left wiry and coarse.

You can also add half part of peroxide to half part of shampoo, and this will help you lift the color of your hair.

If you are feeling sort of mad-scientist then you can try the following: Mix bicarbonate of soda and some malt vinegar creating a paste. Comb the paste through your hair and leave it on for about ten to fifteen minutes. Rinse your hair until the water is clear.

Your hair will feel quite stringy and coarse so feel free to give your hair one last rinse with the vinegar. Then in order to give it some much needed conditioning, create an at home and natural conditioner by applying the 6 eggs (cracked and whipped) to your hair.

Your hair will then appear three to five shades lighter. Yes, you read right! That nasty black mess will be that much lighter—all without having to head out to a salon for a whopping bill and inevitable lecture!

However as with all things it is best to leave it with the professionals. Dark hair dye is best left in the hands of your stylist who can do it without you turning your dark hairs into grays.


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