Afraid Of Graying, Guys? You’re Not Alone

Going gray is the biggest worry for men, according to a recently conducted poll. Apparently this and other matters relating to body and head hair is of more import than putting on a bit of weight or even yellowing teeth.

going-grayWe may think of a man who is going gray as becoming rather distinguished, and more distinctive, (think George Clooney and Richard Gere) but this is not how most men see it.

Going gray is their number one apprehension, followed bythinning hair on the head. This fear of losing hair was followed by the fear of developing unsightly nose and ear hair that tends to make its appearance after a certain age.

Following of these hair raising worries, is the apprehension of putting on weight or being overweight. Yellowing teeth was next in this list of apprehensions.

And the sense of discontent with the way that they look sets in at about 45 years of age with men. The physical changesthat inevitably come with age are what cause this discontent among men, who were also seen not to believe the hyped claims made by grooming products – they tend not to trust them, and think of them as superfluous as well.


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