Try to Mimic the Cheryl Cole Hair Colour

For many people, there is nothing better than emulating the beautiful individuals on television and trying to figure out how they got their hair and makeup to look so amazing. One of the top trends in popular fashion recently has been an obsession over copying the Cheryl Cole hair colour switch.

Cheryl-cole-hair-colourIn November of 2010, Cheryl surprised the world with her fiery new hairstyle that grabbed the attention of many different magazine covers across the globe.

One of the reasons that this celebrity looks so beautiful with the Cheryl Cole hair colour is because she has the skin and sex appeal to match the hairstyle.

All hairstyles do not work for everyone, and you really need to find something that works for your personal situation more than you need to copy the choices made by someone else.

What works for Cheryl Cole may not work for you and what works for you may not work for Cheryl.

Anyone who wants to try and get the same hair colour as Cheryl Cole should definitely check out the same product she used, which was a home hair kit that costs less than ten dollars.

The specific color used by Cheryl in this hairstyle was the mahogany shade of L’Oreal’s Casting Cream Gloss. The best thing about this hair colour is that it is rather cheap and easy to duplicate in your own home.

The obsession with the Cheryl Cole hair colour from 2010

The sales for red hair dye have been going out of control since the debut of the Cheryl Cole hair colour, but it is still not too late to try out this new daring hair colour. This hair colour will work best for womenwho have brown eyes and tan skin, so you may need to take a trip to the tanning salon before trying out the red hair dye.

Women who do not have naturally brown eyes can also get new contacts if you really want to go all the way with this style.

Since Cheryl Cole first displayed this hairstyle on her hit show, X Factor, the rest of the gossip magazine celebrities have quickly followed suite. One of the first followers of this hairstyle was internationally recognized superstar Rihanna. Once Rihanna took this hairstyle to an international level, the popularity of it exploded into another realm that nobody saw coming.

Picking out the right shade of red

The best thing about the new Cheryl Cole hair colour is that there are many different shades of red that you can try when figuring out your own hairstyle. Most women don’t want to have the exact hair of Cheryl Cole, and many decide that it would be a better idea to put their own flair on the new hairstyle.

There is nothing stopping you from trying this new hairstyle out today, so why not head up to the store to see what kind of red hair dye is in stock for you to try?


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