Coloring Your Hair? Some Facts To Keep In Mind

You may be coloring your hair to give yourself a different look, to cover your grays or just for fun!

Whatever the reason, there are some things you should keep in mind before starting:

Don’t go by the model’s hair color: A color looks so pretty on the model pictured on the box; it even shows the picture on the box, that if you have light brown hair, then the result after the hair color procedure will be like color

However both can be misleading. For one the model on the box probably never really colored her hair; it was likely photoshopped! And if she did, you don’t know what her previous hair color was to give this particular result!

Planning a drastic change? If you are planning a substantial change in hair color, you may want to consider that a very light color is likely to make you look pale; particularly if the color is close to your skin tone.

If you are planning a dark hair color; you need to be aware of the fact that with hair color; it is easier to go dark than to go light. If you choose a dark color and then don’t like it; you will probably need a visit to the salon to have that undone.


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