The Pros and Cons of Different Hair Dye Styles

There are a lot of different aspects to the way that your hair looks – the length and cut of your hair, the color of your hair, the way you wear it, can all say a lot about you. As a long elaborate style can make you look glamorous and short no-nonsense style can make you look all businesslike, the hair dye styles that you pick can also say a lot about you, so consider the pros and cons of each option with care.

Hair-Dye-StylesBlonde Hair Dye Styles – The blonde range of hair colors have to be chosen with care – they may not suit a lot of skin tones and they do require a lot of maintenance.

Also if and when you want the color to grow out, it could appear really strange unless you’re prepared to have your hair re-colored to your natural color.

A lot of blond colors tend to clash with darker skin tones, so a darker streaked blond appears less garish or start when coupled with these skin tones.

The very light blond hair dye styles can look rather close to white and can fade rather easily; even wash out in many cases, so consider the color very carefully; also consult with an expert and ask lots of questions.

Ask questions regarding how well a color will stay on given the texture and nature of your hair. Also ask what color result you can reasonably expect to see if this will go with your skin tone.

Brunette Hair Dye Styles – Time was the brown hair was equated with dull or mousy hair and worse, a dull and mousy personality. Not today though! Brunette colors today come is a wide range that goes from dark to golden brown to auburn to caramel.

Also the range of brunette colors can suit most skin tones, particularly if two or more shades are skillfully blended to create texture and greater definition in the hair.

Consider a darker walnut color with some lighter chocolate highlights, or if you want to add drama, use amber highlights!  A brunette palette of hair dye styles can work particularly well for hair that is brown to begin with, since this will not require too much work in terms of maintenance of the hair color.

The fact that the brown hair color shades don’t fade or wash out that easily is a definite plus.

Red Hair Dye Styles – Reds can be among the most dramatic of choices for hair color. They can say “look at me”, I am feisty, fiery, vivacious not to be taken lightly! Red hair can be tricky since it can look too vivid for certain skin tones and in particular for older skin.

Though a younger woman may be able to carry off a really bright, sassy red easily, this may appear a bit garish on an older woman, who would do better to use a darker, chestnut red. A dark red hair color can be great to mask carroty hair and red highlights added to brown hair can work really well too.

The bottom line with red hair is, it can transform a personality when done well, but it can go wrong rather easily too!


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