The Secret of Healthy Hair Makeover through Colors

Hair makeover is the most prominent and noticeable makeover you can ever look for. Your hairstyle can accentuate your personality thus it is very important to understand your style. This includes hair coloring too. However, to rock a successful hair makeover through coloring, you need to regularly take good care of your hair, making sure that it remains healthy and naturally beautiful.

There are both efficient medical and natural ways to have healthy beautiful hair, the choice however, is yours. While at it, it is worth remembering that any hair treatment requires patience and time. Here are some simple tips to make sure that your hair remains nutritious and healthy while you take that huge leap of coloring it.

secret of healthy hair makeover through colors

  • You should be aware of your hair type to choose products in order to gain the most optimum effect without damaging your hair.
  • Trim your colored hair every six to eight weeks to prevent it from splitting.
  • Use sunscreen enriched hair products for colored hair.
  • Shampoo only when you require because regular use of shampoo can make your hair dry.
  • Get your hair treated by professionals only.
  • Apply egg for 20 minutes every week to gain the much needed essential proteins.
  • Try and follow the instructions printed on your hair product while application for optimum effect.
  • Try and stick to hair products with the least amount of chemicals in them. A constant switching product is ill advised.
  • Try to add texture to your hair for best possible effect after grooming.
  • Always consult a professional along with your own sense of styling before you choose to color your hair for choosing colors as mild as possible.
  • Always use wide-teeth combs to comb your wet hair to prevent hair breakage and avoid back brushing your hair as much as possible to prevent it from knotting.
  • Massage your scalp with oil every now and then as it induces blood flow thus increasing your hair growth especially the night before you shampoo. Coconut, olive and almond oil are the best options available.
  • While shampooing wash it off thoroughly, if not it can cause severe damage.
  • A healthy nutritional diet is a must for sufficient iron and protein for the body of your hair.
  • Test the color on your hair and wait for at least 24 hours before proceeding with the full job to make sure you are not allergic to any of the ingredients.
  • Read the instructions on the box and follow them word by word.

We tend to color our hair every now and then to make a statement. However, you need to have healthy hair to don the best look and to prevent your hair from damaging. Consult a professional before coloring your hair. This way even if you experience any problem while coloring it will be fixed professionally and quickly without causing further damage.


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