How to Get Henna Hair Color

While many people only use henna to cover up their grey hair, this product will actually be able to also strengthen your hair and make it much healthier overall. Silky, thick hair is what everyone is after once they get into their later years, and that’s exactly what you will get when you switch to henna hair color.

Before going ahead and purchasing the henna for your hair experiment, make sure you have read enough information to have become rather familiar with the topic.

Henna-hair-colorThe first thing you will need to do when you want to switch to henna hair color is a strand test. This strand test is very important because it will help you figure whether you are going to like the new hair color and how long you need to leave the henna on your head.

You are going to need a lot of spare time for this procedure, and you should plan to have at least an hour to finish the whole thing.

You may be able to do this in the afternoon after getting home from work, but it would probably be a safer bet to set aside one of your days off for this procedure.

You will need some time to prepare, do the strand test and then actually go through with the process, so we are looking at quite a bit of time to do the whole thing. You probably want to go ahead and plan an entire afternoon of time to be put towards this henna hair treatment.

Who can use henna hair color treatment?

When it comes to using the henna hair color method, it usually works best for women who have darker hair. Brunettes and dark blondes generally have the best hair for this process, but you can try it on lighter hair if you are very desperate. Hair that is rather dark will look quite amazing with those red highlights running through it, which is why many women with dark hair tend to like this option as they get older.

Some people think there is no reason to use henna when you have grey hair, but that is simply not a true fact. Contrary to popular belief, many people have had quite a good bit of success when using henna on grey hair. You can choose what color you’d like to see your hair switch to with henna by mixing in some ingredients of your choice during the preparation process.

Be careful with this procedure

One thing you need to know before using the henna hair color process is that you should not try to color your hair with henna shortly after coloring your hair with a commercially available dye. It would be best to wait at least two months since the last time you died your hair before using this procedure to make sure no complications come up.

Before you go through with the henna procedure, you should try using clarifying shampoo for about a week prior to your date with the henna.


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