Tips For Caring And Maintaining The Hair Color

You don’t need to be specialist to know that the dyed hair requires specific care. Every second woman has dyed hair and maintaining your hair isn’t that easy. Therefore, here are few tips to keep the color of your hair. At first, try to follow some rules, which will help you to obtain better results.

coloring-hairDo not change your hair color too often, for it will damage the strength of your hair. Disrupting the hair structure is a common problem for women that dye their hair 2-3 times in a month. Try to dye your hair at least once every two months.

Lightening is a problem for most of the women, so before going for it, consult with a hairstylist.

One of the basic rules, when it comes to keeping healthy hair is never to do coloring and perm at the same times.

In case your hair is dyed, avoid using hairdryer for it dehydrates the hair. Using a shampoo too often can wash away your color, especially if the shampoo isn’t for dyed hair.

Research about the best shampoos for colored hairs and try to use organic ones, for they don’t contain chemicals.

Massaging your scalp after bath is extremely useful for women with dyed hairs, for it stimulates the hair growth. Try to comb the hair in all directions for 10 minutes. In case your hair is wet, use a comb with wide teeth and start from below.

hair-colorYour daily menu is also very important for your hair. Try to include more food rich in vitamin A. Your head skin also needs stimulation. Don’t forget that if your head skin isn’t healthy, the result will be dandruff and itching. Use homemade masks to enrich the head skin and reciprocally the hair.

Mix onion and garlic together, mash them well and add some lemon juice and vegetable oil. Apply the mixture on your hair and massage your scalp.

The dyed hair roots also need special care, so consider buying some special hair product to stimulate your roots. In case you are going to choose a color, don’t turn your back on the fashionable colors for the season.

These are the chestnut, coffee and chocolate palette. Red colors are also preferable, but they wash away faster than the other colors. Try henna and karkade extracts, for they also keep your hair colors and improve the elasticity of your hair, not to mention they add some copper nuances to your hair color.


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