Quick Fix Hair Styles That Take Off Years

Have you ever wondered why it is a common perception that a woman going through heartbreak can be cured by chocolates, ice cream and a good haircut (not necessarily in that order)? A haircut not only cures a heartache, but also makes a woman more confident about the way she looks and it is essential that when women on the wrong side of the age fence start experimenting with their looks, they pay attention to the haircut that will make them look more appealing and younger. The following haircuts are what you call your go-to solutions not only when you face bad hair days, but also face relationship woes, no matter how superficial it sounds!

The Side Part

The Side Part

Photo Credit By: short-hair.org

It is essential for women on the wrong side of thirty or forty or fifty to understand that a simple change like a side part can take years off of their faces and bring a welcome change in their entire personality. When you look around, there are so many women (and some celebrities too!) who are rocking the side part. Think Helen Mirren. The side part creates a playful look and creates a separate hairline around the face which can conceal imperfections to a large extent.

The Bob

Bob hairstyle

Photo Credit By: shorthairstylesnew.blogspot.in

Who said anything about trying a bob haircut only in your teens and your twenties? A versatile haircut like a bob can be experimented with at any age, and when you want to age gracefully, giving this a try is a must. The bob haircut is used to accentuate your bone structure and it is famed to be both ageless and timeless. When you try a bob haircut with an A-line style, which is shorter at the back and longer in the front, you can give any of the youngsters a run for their money.

The Braid

Braid hairstyle

Photo Credit By:  glambistro.com

True that the side part and the braid are not technically haircuts, but if you love your hair and shun from cutting it off, you can try on some fun hairstyles, like the braid and the side part to accentuate your feminine features to the hilt! Though the braid is a notoriously typical school girl or college girl look and hairstyle, but when you style it right with the right accessories, it can again take years off!

There are even many variations which you can try till you get the look that most suits your face and bone structure. Be it the partial braid or the side-swept braid; add that fun element to your style quotient.

Bid adieu to those bad hair days and heartbreak woes, and try on some fun and new hair styles and haircuts to feel loved again!


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