Pixie Hairstyle For A Sexy, Trendy Look

pixie hair cutFrom Rihanna to Victoria Beckham, the short, fringe cut, also known as the pixie cut, is the latest trend in hair.

The pixie haircut makes women look cute, stylish and sexy.

It is a haircut that should be considered because it is easy to maintain and you never have to worry about its length getting in the way.

Short hairstyles are easy to manage and style and gives the wearer a trendy look and the good thing is that it never goes out of fashion.

If you are looking for a new hairstyle, consider the pixie cut. This style always manages to give women that naughty fairy look. It is good for oval, heart-shaped, square and round faces.

There is a youthful appearance to women who wear it, and it can make a woman look a little mischievous, which is not such a bad thing. The close crop draws attention to your face but you can still give it your own flair, like spikes or a tousled look.

Having such short hair accentuates other features on your face, such as finely marked cheekbones or beautiful, deep eyes, or luscious, seductive lips. This look can be good for older women and younger women.

The pixie cut can be great at any age and any hair color. Gray hair looks mature yet provocative with this cut. Titian and auburn pixie styled hair with fair skin can make you seem as if you stepped out from the woods; a charming little fairy.

On dark hair, the close cropped hair can give you a spicy, lively feel. Wear this haircut with pride. It can be sleek, ruffled, messy, or soft and feminine. The pixie haircut gives you a fun and saucy feel.

It is easy to care for this hairstyle, and some women just “wash and wear” it, so that there is no need for styling gels or sprays or even hair dryer. Other women use a bit of mousse to give it a flirty style with tiny waves pulled away from the head, giving it a little volume.

Other women keep it sleeked back with gels, giving them a clean, finished look, and other women soften it using a blow dryer and letting it settle in easy waves and curls.

The pixie haircut will never go out of style because it is so versatile. This hairstyle not only compliments your face but can go with any outfit and look, from a rocker chick to a woman who is feminine and flowery.


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