Hair Extensions: Adding Beauty And Length To Your Hair

The hair is the crowning glory for every woman. Innovations like hair extensions add fun and beauty to your silky smooth hair.

Hair extensions are done by adding human or synthetic hair to the natural hair.

These methods are employed in concealing hair loss in specific areas, but oftentimes, they are used to enhance one’s beauty.

Hair extensions are used to create beautiful hairstyles for special events like wedding and proms to more casual day to day feel good hair dos.

They are very helpful in creating a number of styles which your natural hair do not allow. They are also the simpler methods to make your hair longer without damaging your natural hair.

Types of hair extensions

  • Human hairs have a selection of different grades, which may be a virgin hair, which means that it wasn’t colored or processed. Most of these virgin hairs come from Asia. It may also be a Remy hair which are treated with keratin and organized in layers which is overlapping each other. Also, some salons offer hairs which are of ethnic in origin like India and China. Human hairs can also be washed and styled.
  • Synthetic fibers consist of kanekalon and tokyokalon. Further it can vary depending on the brand. It is cheaper than the human hair and is available in a wide variety of colors and texture. However, because it is synthetic, be cautious that it cannot endure hot temperature of ironing and curling.

Methods of hair extensions

  • The tracks are the most common and long-term hair extension method. It integrates wefts in a track and sew method. The hair extension is braided in the direction where your hair will fall.
  • The invisible hair weave is another hair extension method of appending the commercial hair to your natural hair. It normally takes an hour to finish the procedure and typically lasts for 8 weeks.
  • Wefts usually involve bonding the weft directly to your hair using special glue. It should be done with utmost care and should not be directly attached to your scalp. Usually, a patch test will be done to see if you have some irritation on it. Meanwhile, for a temporary look, wefts can be attached to a particular kind of clips which are sewn to the weft itself. As such, it can be easily removed and it definitely adds short-term color, fullness or length which is helpful for a single event.
  • Bulk hair extensions can also be attached to your hair using clips or adhesive.
  • Clip in hair extensions are the perfect way to add volume and style to your hair without damaging it and a good alternative to the permanent extensions.
  • You can also do your own hair extensions. Keep in mind that this do it yourself hair extensions are not advisable to people with short hair or those who have thin or fine hair, because it needs additional preparation to make it appear natural.


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