Hair Extensions: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Hair extensions are always in the news: such as when Angelina Jolie was criticized for putting hair extensions on her 6 year old daughter Zahara or when Jennifer Anniston announced that she was giving up her hair extensions because her hair was thinning out from the extensions and starting to look fake.

Hair ExtensionsWhether hair extensions get good press or bad, the fact is that they are a quick and desirable way to enhance existing hair and one’s glam quotient right along with it. We look at the different kinds of Artificial Hair Integrations (the correct term for hair extensions) and their pros and cons:

Natural and Synthetic

Hair extensions can be made from natural fibers, such as real human hair, from horse hair or from synthetic fiber. Though synthetic fiber will be cheaper and can be made to look like real hair, it will likely be unable to withstand heat or processing such as curling or straightening.

Real human hair extensions may be categorized by ethnic origin; it could be sourced from China or India for instance, which fact will be stated.

Clip On Hair Extensions

These types of hair extensions are the commonest type and you can buy these and clip them on at home, though the procedure is offered by salons as well. This is probably the quickest and easiest way to use hair extensions. You can use them to increase length and volume of hair – the number of extensions you use depends upon the look you want. Or you can use them to simply add some highlight to your hair without actually coloring it.


Here the hair extensions are woven or braided into the real hair near the scalp. The obvious problem is that this could put quite a bit of pressure on the real hair and weaken the hair. The second problem is that since the braids are close to the scalp and under the other hair, drying the braids can be problematic and activities such as frequent shampooing, or swimming can be curtailed.

Bonding and Sealing

This procedure can require quite a bit of skill on part of the esthetician and requires the extensions to be plaited on to existing hair. The place where the extensions are attached is then painted with a boding solution that seals the artificial hair on to the real hair. These types of hair extensions can last for up to 4 months.

Feather hair extensions

This type of hair extensions use rooster feathers in different ways: gluing, dying or weaving the feathers using different colors and shades.


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