Hair Growth Shampoo from Homemade to Famous Brands

When looking for hair growth shampoo, you don’t necessarily have to think about those shampoos that you can find on the shelves of the stores. The homemade shampoos are just as good or even better because they are free of all the chemicals that are added to the commercial shampoos to make their effect and to have a nice smell.

The shampoos for hair growth that are made at home are inexpensive and they are easy to make. As a base you should be using a mild cleansing soap. As an example, you could opt for castile soap, which is mild, but it is also effective in removing the oil from the scalp.

hair growt shampoo

Keeping the scalp clean will encourage thehair growth. If you would like your hair to grow faster, you should avoid those kinds of soaps that have as a base petroleum products or chemicals because this way it won’t be a real shampoo for hair growth.

The chemicals that you should keep an eye out for include paraben, propylene glycol, propylparaben, polyxyethylene, methylparaben, cetearyl alcohol, glycol or distearate.

Herbs for hair growth shampoo

There are many herbs that have been proven to have a positive effect on hair growth. And you can add them to your homemade shampoos in the form of herbal tinctures or essential oils. If you opt for herbal oil, then you should get oils that are alcohol free. One teaspoon should be added to the soap base.

Herbal tinctures

The herbal tinctures can also be used in shampoos for hair growth, and the best thing about them is that you can make them at home as well. The process is similar to making tea but there is less water used to create a concentrate. To six ounces of water you should add three teaspoons of herbs. Allow 15 minutes for the herbs to steep and then strain them out. Add about two ounces of tincture to a soap base of four ounces.


This kind of herb has been proven to stimulate hair growth, so it is more than perfect for the hair growth shampoo. You can pick it during the spring and summer and use it either fresh or even in dried form. You could also purchase it in a dried form. Make a tincture of it and add it to the soap base.

Rosemary shampoo for hair growth

Rosemary has been used as a hair tonic for centuries now because it has a stimulating effect on the hair follicles. The plant blooms all summer long and it can be picked and used fresh or in a dried version. In this case you will also need to make a tincture.

Commercial shampoo for hair growth

There are numerous lines that are said to have a positive effect on hair growth, such as Pantene Pro V, Tresemme and Garnier Fructis. In case you have a limp hair, consider using Tresemme’s Fortifying Strength shampoo. You can find these shampoos for hair growth in stores like CVS, Wal-Mart of Walgreen.

Never forget that using hair growth shampoo can really help hair growth however nutrition and life style have a major role in getting long, vibrant, beautiful hair.


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