Hair Growth Vitamins for Women

Hair is a reflection of beauty for a woman and it reflects a good and healthy body too. Women suffer from hair loss and this causes a lot of emotional turmoil as well. Hair loss in women can be on account of nutritional deficiency where proper nutrients that help hair growth are not consumed.

hair growth vitamins for women

These days there are various types of hair growth vitamins for women that help restore back the volume, shine and length of hair. These hair growth vitamins are infused with essential vitamins such as Vitamin A, Vitamin B3 and Vitamin B5 that promote healthy hair.

Also in case of women who do not want chemical related solutions for hair growth as they have side effects and are expensive, these vitamins provide natural nourishment to the hair. Lots of research has gone into identifying these vitamins and their hair rejuvenation capabilities have been tested and found to be capable of producing effective results repeatedly.

Types of Hair Growth Vitamins for Women

Prenatal Vitamins– Contrary to what the name suggests non-pregnant women can consume these vitamins as well. These vitamins are filled with nutrients that aid the hair producing mechanism of the body, especially in women. Medical experts have suggested that these vitamins need to have the right mix of Calcium, vitamin B6, vitamin A and Iron to be effective.

Vitamin E–This vitamin revitalizes the skin apart from putting brakes on hair loss and reversing the loss of hair as well. This vitamin is one of the best hair nourisher as it not only promotes hair growth but also keeps the scalp and hair soft and healthy. Vitamin E capsule can be mixed with any hair oil and it can be massaged for a few minutes every day for obtaining best results.

Biotin – This one is also referred to as ‘hair vitamin’ as it withholds the hairs from becoming dry and brittle while also accelerating their growth. This vitamin should surely be on your list if you want nourished and lively hair.

Some of the other ingredients that should be present in these hair vitamins are silica, pantothenic acid, folic acid and MSM that is natural sulphur. All these trigger healthy reactions in hair. Variations of hormones in women also influence the estrogen levels – which in turn causes hair damage including fall and thinning of hair. This is when using these above mentioned vitamins prove to be of great use.


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