7 Celebrity Style Hair Ideas for Short Hair

A lot of people are of the opinion that short hair is boring, but for sure you would find numerous hair ideas for short hair. The short hairstyles are almost just as versatile as the long hairstyles, and the good thing about them is that you can have a lot of fun with them.

1. Anne Hathaway

Hair Ideas for Short Hair

If you would like to spice your look up just like her, spray the hair with styling spray and then dry it with the help of a round brush. Then take medium sized rollers and wrap the hair around them. After about 20 minutes spray the hair with hairspray and then remove the rollers. Comb the front section so that it can fall over the eyes, and let the rest of the hair loose. This is a great short hair’s idea.

2. Halle Berry

She is more than famous for her pixy hairstyle. To achieve the same look, you should condition the hair 3 times per week. You could also try using leave-in conditioner and a strong hair gel. Finish the short hair’s idea by applying serum in order not to have flyaways.

3. Jennifer Lowe Hewitt

The bob that she had is a really nice one, and you could have it if you opt for having bangs. To make the style look its best you should make sure to have frequent touchups. To make thebest of the hair’s color, use color enhancing shampoo. This is a great short hair’s idea if your hairstyle doesn’t look bushy. For this you need anti-fizz serum.

4. Katy Perry

If you are into the messy and edgy look, you should make sure to use dry shampoo. This way your hair will be free of oil. As the perfect finishing touch for this one of the hair ideas for short hair you should flat iron the bangs. The advantage of the style is that it doesn’t need much time for maintenance.

5. Ashley Judd

You don’t want to look too polished? Opt for this short hair’s idea. For the perfect finish apply some texture cream. Then with the help of a flat iron straighten your hair until it is sleek. Then, using a smallcurling iron, create that flip that makes the hairstyle special. Also in the end the shine serum couldn’t miss either.

6. Jennifer Aniston

She also opted for a sleek bob hairstyle. In case you like her style, try washing your hair withclarifying shampoo to remove the product buildup. Once you are done with washing, in order to style this particular example of hair ideas for short hair, you should simply blow dry it and add a bit of shine serum. As the finishing touch, straighten the front part, and let the hair be fuller in the back.

7. Cynthia Nixon

Her short hair’s idea is created with the help of a large round brush, and you need to pull the hair in the back as you work.

You can see that there are many hair ideas for short hair, so that it may be difficult to choose.


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