Need a Hair Makeover? Here’s What You Can Do

What are the main signs that you need a hair makeover? And if you do decide that you need a hair makeover, what should you do about it; especially if you are apprehensive about a drastic makeover?

Signs that you need a hair makeover

If you’re having persistent and repeated bad hair days, you do need to consider a hair makeover. If your hair seems dull and lifeless, your hair color has begun to fade and your hair seems to have lost volume, you may want to consider a significant change.

Quite simply you want a change after years of having the same hairstyle and the same look and no one seems to notice or compliment your hair anymore.

Hair makeover

Even when you style your hair or return from the salon after a haircut, no one seems to notice anything different.

It could be that you’re actually spending a lot of time and effort on your current hair style with little to show for it, and you may benefit greatly from a lower maintenance, non fussy do, which is perhaps shorter and easier to keep in shape.

If you find that you yourself are bored with your current look and constantly tie your hair upand out of the way because you cannot be bothered to do much about it, then you are definitely in need of a makeover.

How to get a hair makeover

You could make a start with one of the many online sites that offer a preview of what you would look like with a new hairstyle, with a celebrity style, with longer or shorter hair, a different hair color, a layered look or a bobbed cut and all sorts of other permutations and combinations.

Daily Make Over is a site where you can register and can try out any number of celebrity hairstylesusing either a model whose facial shape and skin color are close to yours.

Or you can upload your photo and actually tryout a bunch of new styles to see what you would look like after a change. You can also experiment with different lips, eye and face makeup, different accessories and looks.

In style is another such site where you can check out different hairstyles using your own photo or that of a similar looking model.

Once you have an idea about the look and style that you want to go for, consult with your hair stylist to see what can be achieved realistically.

Things that could really change your look would be a perm or hair rebonding/relaxing, or completely changing your hair color. You can either get a much shorter cut or add length and volume by using hair extensions – take your pick!


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