Top Hair Straightening Tips for Beautiful Shinny Hair

Hair straightening is one of the most common activities of women in our days, and in case you are a newbie to it, you might use some hair straightening tips. Their majority works for flat iron, but other kinds of methods as well.

Neatness as a tip for hair straightening

In order to make sure that you will achieve the results that you are looking for, make sure that the plates of the flat iron are clean. Use a piece of damp cloth to wipe the cool iron, getting rid of the residue.

Hair straightenin tips


Before using the flat iron, you should allow some time for it to heat up and then set the temperature that you need before starting to style the hair.

Blow dry

This tip for hair straightening may sound a little weird, but you should blow dry your hairbefore starting to use the flat iron. Make sure that the hair is completely dry to avoid the burning of the hair.

Hair products

Since a lot of people are using flat irons, there are a lot of manufacturers that offer heat protectant styling aids. As part of the hair straightening tips, you should never forget to protect your hair against the high temperature of the flat irons.


You might know that you can’t get all the hair straightened at once. Section the hair into layers, and you could start with the bottom layers in the back, and work your way upwards. Remember this tip forhair straightening: the smaller the section that you are working with, the more efficient the straightening. According to this you should be straightening 1-inch sections at a time.

Don’t hurry!

One of the most important hair straightening tips is to glide the flat iron slowly through the hair in order to achieve the best results possible, and this way you can also make sure that you don’t have to work with one section more than once.

What about curly hair?

In case you have extremely curly hair, follow this tip for hair straightening: follow the flat iron with a comb down the section while you are straightening it and this way you will end up having smooth hair.

Don’t clamp

One of the most important hair straightening tips is not to clamp the plates too tightly, but you should have a firm grip of the section. It is not only the heat that straightens the hair, but it is the combination of the heat with pressure that gets the job done.

Go professional

The last of the tips for hair straightening is not to look only at the price of the flat irons, but also at the things that they offer. Getting a more expensive, but professional product is often better than getting a cheap one. The professional hair straighteners offer you better results and they are less damaging for the hair.

Keep all these hair straightening tips in mind when preparing for straightening your hair to make it a pleasant experience.


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