The Best Hair Straightener Out There

The majority of women say that they have found the best hair straightener and the most interesting thing is that they refer to different methods. So it is good to known that you can achieve the desired resultsthrough ironing, permanent straightening and so on.

Hairdressing and silicone creams

Hairdressings are classic top hair straighteners that contain oily materials such as mineral oil, petrolatum and lanolin. The silicone creams work in the same way, but they also come with cyclomethicone and dimethicone. These are said to be the top hair straighteners because all you have to do is to apply it to your damp hair and then comb it straight. The oils will prevent your hair from curling as it dries.

 Best Hair Straightener

These hair straighteners are said to be the best because they are very efficient and they work with all kinds of hair, not to mention that they don’t cause any damage.

The downside is that the hair gets greasy and dirty faster and it might look weighted down, until you wash your hair again.

Brushing and blow drying

As the hair dries, it has a tendency to curl up. This is caused by the water content and the chemical bonds that exist in the hair fibers.

In case you don’t want to use any product on your hair, the best hair straightener is hair drying: keep the hair straight with a comb and then blow dry it. It’s just like ironing the clothes.

It is simple to use the method and it is quite effective, but the skills of the person performing it are very important. Also this is one of the cheapest solutions. The process is a bit damaging, it isn’t effective on extremely curly hair, and the humidity of the hair damages the results.

Flat iron

A lot of people say that this is the best way for hair straightening. In case you have curly hair and the hairdressers don’t work, all you have to do is to use a flat iron to achieve straight hair. The principle is the same, but it is more intense and also more effective.

The advantage is that it works on almost every hair type, making it the best hair straightener for a lot of people. The downside is that it is more damaging that the other methods and the hair could get frizzy if the air is humid.

Styling products

As it has been mentioned, the hairdressings could make your hair feel greasy the styling productsmight be the best way to straighten your hair. The method includes coating the hair with polymers that hold the hair straight. The products that you could use include hairspray, mousse, gel and putty.

Although these products are effective, you need some skills to use them. This is said to be the best hair straightener method because it works better than ironing or blow drying, but the effects last only till the products are washed out. Also the hair may not look or feel natural.

The Brazilian hair straightening and Japanese hair straightening are also considered to be the best hair straightener by some.


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