Beware Of Your Hair Straightening Treatment

The hair straightening treatment offered by the cosmetic company Brazilian Blowout has come under scrutiny for containing significant amounts of formaldehyde in the hair smoothing product according to this report.

hair-straighteningEarlier salon workers who had worked with the product had complained of problems such as nose bleeds, irritation in the eyes, and even breathing problems. Pursuant to the complaint, Oregon’s occupational health agency tested the product in a lab and found it to contain formaldehyde.

Though this finding is disputed by the company which imports the product from Brazil into the US, the Oregon health agency insists that formaldehyde was indeed found to be present in the product; as much as 12%.

Formaldehyde is known to be toxic and highly volatile, posing significant health risks. Formaldehyde can be toxic, allergenic, and carcinogenic and is therefore considered to be a dangerous pollutant. Irritation for the eyes is one of the most common problems arising from formaldehyde.

So consumers need to beware about the product that claims to improve the condition of the hair rather than damage it, which according to the website of the product offers “frizz-free, shiny, effortlessly manageable and with plenty of body and bounce.”


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