2010 Christmas Party Hairstyle Trends

Christmas is about to be attractive, so you should choose the best hairstyle for the holidays. In case you are still wondering about it, here is the recent tendency for the holiday hairstyle.

Women with short hairs will be disappointed, because the party hairstyle of the year is the one accommodating long hair, for the long hair remains a timeless symbol of femininity.


Naturally, most of the actresses and models have long hair.  The high volume glam hairstyle is the favorite hairstyle of the stars and it is obvious that most of the Hollywood beauties are choosing exactly this kind of hairstyle. Long waves are feminine and look extremely beautiful, not to mention the longer hair offers plenty of options for hairstyling.


The hairdressers say that the long hair can be both magnificent and troublesome, because the long hair looks good only when it is washed and well brushed.

Today’s professionals adhere to a rational decision: the hair must be washed when dirty; so you should wash your hair anytime you feel it is going dirty and greasy.


Long hair requires frequent and thorough washing. In case you want to achieve the same high volume glamorous hairstyle, you should dry the hair very carefully.

Don’t forget that the aggressive scrubbing with a towel can damage your hair. However, if you decide to dry it with a hair dryer, make sure you are not over drying it.  Use a comb that is made of natural materials.


The plastic ones will electrify your hair and you will not achieve the volume you want. Chose a wooden comb, and brush till the hair is completely dry. Fix the curls with styling mousse and brush it off the hair once again. In case you don’t like your hair to be too curly, the long hair has many options.


The straight long hairs are great for the Christmas party and you will need just a hairdryer and good hair spray to form the hairstyle.

The long ponytail is also part of the party hairstyles of the year and it suitable for all occasions. You can also add an additional tiara and you are ready for the party.  The updo is also an option, not to mention that this is the favorite red carpet hairstyle of many Hollywood stars.


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