A Good Hairstyle Can Take Years Off Your Appearance

Once a woman reaches her fifties then the aging process becomes very obvious, the skin becomes much paler and wrinkles begin to appear.

The most aging part though is the hair, which now grows white giving the Grey effect that can be so aging.

The difference when the hair is changed back to a more natural color is quite remarkable and can instantly take years of an individual.

Some people actually look quite good with Grey or silver hair but this is not the norm.

Thankfully advances in hairdressing techniques means that anything is now possible. Changing the color of your hair is as straightforward now as changing the cut or style. It can be even done in the home by a non-professional with reasonable results.hairstyle

A good hair stylist will advise you of the best haircut to suit both your age and face shape. They will also consider your life style to avoid a look that needs a lot of maintenance that you will be unable to keep up. As a rule of thumb as you age you should pick a shade lighter than the color of your hair in your youth.

Not many older women can wear very long hair and as a consequence it can be very aging in itself. Short hair can look great for older women as long as it is not too boyish. In terms of color the use of low lights is often advised for middle aged women as it is more tonal than one color.

If you start to do this before the grey takes too much of a hold you will always look youthful and no-one will notice your aging signs.


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