Advise For Being Blonde And Beautiful

Being blonde is a style statement and a way of life because blonde hairstyles are always trendy making a woman look extremely attractive and by the definition always beautiful.

Being blonde goes with all face shapes, and can make a woman look anything from cute to sexy.

With various styles and highlights being blonde gives shape to the personality making a woman feel creative and enjoy experimenting with her beauty.Strawberry blonde

There are many shades of blonde as well as many hairstyles varying from long, short, medium lengths, wavy, perm or naturally curly and the list can go on.

Various shades of blonde hairstyle include:

  • Golden blonde – lighter, resembling the shining gold
  • Sandy blonde – the color of the sand
  • Strawberry blonde – copper blonde, making women look cute
  • Zebra blonde – streaked blonde and brunette locks quite trendy
  • Brownish blonde – dark shade of blonde which occasionally seems light brown and other times dark blonde
  • Platinum blonde – very light blonde, almost white

The most notorious blonde hairstyles

Long wavy blonde hairstyle is an extremely gorgeous blonde hairstyle requiring a lot of care like every long hairstyle. It takes a lot of time, care and attention to tend to it and even wearing it straight requires a lot of skill. Long light colored hair needs sun protecting conditioner being more sensitive to the light because of coloring process.

Short blonde hairstyles are easier to handle and they are a great choice for professional women. Among those the shag blonde hairstyle gives a bouncy and trendy look while blonde bob hairstyle became quite popular because it is easy to care for and style when you are in a hurry towards a meeting or a date.

The French twist blonde hairstyle is a stylish, glamorous look more complicated to achieve and generally suiting a more vigorous hair.

Blonde hairstyle connects with certain personalities. As being blonde does not suit everybody picking up a suitable shade needs a bit of considering and most of all a second opinion.

As natural blonde darkens after a while losing from the strength of the shade, choosing a nuance or another requires experience.

The dark hair people have to match the blonde shade with their skin complexion. As a pale skin looks great with a lighter shade, a darker shade goes well with a deeper and warmer nuance.

Before using highlights to brighten up the hair color, one should choose the right shades matching the skin.

Natural blonde hair is usually thin and needs volume enhancing conditioners and shampoos.

The dyed hair is a bit stronger and can be styled more easily, but blondes should use color enhancing shampoos to keep the shade intact.


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