Beachy Waves – Well Defined or Carelessly Tossed

The beachy waves always make people think about the summer, but you should know that this hairstyle is also suitable for the cold season. The best thing about it is that it is more than easy to adopt it, and it will bring a nice change to your look.

The professional stylists have shared their secrets: the main focus is to have the waves looking rough enough to make them look cool. Keep in mind that the waves don’t have to be perfect so that they will be right for the winter, and you won’t look like you come right from the beach.

Denise-RichardsSo why do people like the style? Because it has a hippie vibe to it and it looks innocent. In order to have the right look, you shouldn’t try to curl all of your hair. You just have to choose random pieces of hair and wrap them around a 1.5 inch curling iron.

Start working at ear level, and work your way all the way to the ends of the hair.

Remember to hold the iron horizontally. The finishing touch should be to add glistening mist to have the wet and oily finish that you have been looking for. If you don’t like the hippie look, you could also go lighter with the shine.

The style of Denise Richards

She is considered to be one of the stars who have the most beautiful hair in all Hollywood, and she has shared her secret: she is using Remington Style Solutions Wrap to achieve the perfect beachy waves. This way the waves become realistic without the hair being damaged by sun, salt or sand.

Do it yourself

Start with separating the hair for the use of the curling iron, and add a bit of hairspray. Then wrap the hair around the curling iron, section by section, leaving the hair on for a few seconds. After you get the hair off the iron, scrunch it to make sure that it will stay.

You have to be spraying, curling and scrunching until you are done with all the hair. To make sure that you will have the perfect style, in the end use a bit of saltwater spray. Use your hands to add the end look of the hair, hand combing it and adding a bit of fluff. The advantage is that you can rock the style day or night.


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