The Best Haircuts and Hairstyles for Balding Men

Okay, so you are going bald and losing hair faster than you expected. Well it’s not such a big deal, considering the fact that baldness is common and even inspite of it, you can still look very good. If you know which haircuts to choose and which hairstyles to keep, your balding hairline can actually be turned into your strength.

These hairstyles take away attention from the hair lost but puts focus on the hair that are still there on the scalp. The following are some of the best hairstyles for balding men.

best haircuts and hairstyles for balding menMilitary Style

One of the best hairstyles or haircuts that works for those men who are balding is the military style. Keeping the hair short draws less attention to the balding hair line and the bald spots. It even blends the thinning hair in with the rest of the hair and actually looks very smart and dapper as well. Moreover, military cut creates an illusion that you have more hair than you actually have got.

Shaved Head

Another hairstyle which actually may look good on balding men is a totally shaved head. What this hairstyle does is that it takes away the balding situation on the head and lets no one have a clue that your hair has actually fallen off from a few parts of the head. A shaved head may actually suit you and will bring about a total change in your personality, hopefully for good. But the size and the shape of your head play an important role in deciding whether this hairdo will suit you or not.

Textured Crop

For those men who have thinning hair upfront but have a thick growth on the sides and the back, a textured crop can work like a wonder. This hairstyle or haircut blends your thinning hair with the rest of the hair and some famous celebrities who have worked well with it are Jude Law, Brad Pitt and others.

Buzz Cut

The buzz cut is a best friend of many men who were balding. It helps to hide the thinning hair as well as the balding spots. In this haircut, a slight layer of hair is left on the scalp and this very thing helps to take away the focus from the glaring balding spots.


Shaggy layers too work well on the scalp that has hair thinning or hair balding. With this haircut, you can easily use your fingers to adjust the hair and use a little gel to get the hair cut perfect. Longer hair with the dishelved look is a smart way to hide away the early signs of balding.

Short and Tapered Over

This is another hair style or hair cut which works really well for those who are experiencing signs of hair balding. This cut has hair cut deeply upfront and tapered on the sides. You can use your fingers to make the hair on the top a little bit messy to give it a stylish angle.


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