Celebrities and the Craze of Feather Hair Extensions

We are all looking for a hairstyle that is advantageous and that would somewhat place us in the center of attention. Even more, a good hairstyle could also improve our self-confidence and show the world that we have a different personality from the rest of the people.

Those girls that opt to have long hair usually impress people through elegance and sophistication, while the girls who like to have short hair make a statement through neatness and smartness. Naturally these are only stereotypes and they aren’t always true, but the hairstyles do reflect the personality. In case you would like to add a plus to your hair, you could consider having hair extensions.


These can add length and volume to the hair. If you are seeking to get rid of a dull hairstyle, it would be time to consider getting feather hair extensions.

In case you opt for a half updo hairstyle, you will have the look of a good and nice girl, but in case you also have a wilder side that you don’t mind showing the world, add some feather hair extensions that would stand out from the rest of the hair through their color.

This way even the most traditional hairstyle could be turned into a more exotic one. As an example we might have seen Avril Lavigne with blonde hair, having black feather hair extension.

Although usually people think about feather when they consider loose hair, you could also make a statement in case you have your hair in a ponytail.

You might think that only those people opt for feathers that are up to no good, just like the character Captain Jack Sparrow. Although he was a true bad man, we can’t deny that those feathers looked extraordinary on him. Nonetheless there are also some ‘good girls’ who have been spotted havingfeather hair extensions, such as Selena Gomez, Beyonce Knowles, Jennifer Lowe Hewitt, Keisha and Nicole Scherzinger.

Although there are some hair clips as well that you could simply add to your hair, it might be better to visit a professional hairstylist to get the extensions that you are looking for. It could be a one time thing, but you could keep the extensions for a longer period of time as well, not only for a special occasion. You can have them for a night out with friends, but also for more formal events.


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