Chris McMillan Recommends Hair Bangs

Bangs are the latest cool haircuts, which can easily be applied in three basic styles.

According to Chris McMillan, bangs are showing the beauty of your face and the bang haircut stays sexy and provocative.

There are three incredible bangs styles, which can be applied on any hair.

The long and blunt bangs, which are straight, are the most fashionable right now, since Penélope Cruz was showing exactly this bang style.

blunt bangs

You can do that at home, using a hairdryer. It goes easy on every hair type. If your hair is too curly, straighten your bangs with hairdryer.

long and blunt bangs

Another hot style is the super short and tousled bang. It is for bangs, which are three inches and are just perfect for short hairs. In case your hair is too curly, better don’t try this one. Short bangs are a sexy and different haircut, but it is not easy to be cut so to match your best facial side. Visit professionals and don’t trim it by yourself.

The third and very provocative bang is the type Side and Swept. They work well on all kinds of hairstyles, but mostly on long and curly hair. Straight the bangs with the hairdryer and leave it to cool, contrasting with your hair waves.


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