Getting A New Hair Style? Keep These In Mind

A new hair style can be something that can change your whole look – it can make you appear younger, smarter and eye catching or it can go really, really wrong! Avoid hair style disasters by keeping the following in mind when you’re going for a big change:

  • hair-styleMake the time. Don’t try to fit in the hair appointment into your lunch break or similar, rather apportion a suitable amount of time for a discussion with your stylist; a proper consultation and let him or her do a proper job by taking their time.
  • Take help of the internet. Firstly you can do an online search for stylists near your home, using sites such as Yelp or a similar site. You can also take a look at the many online sites that offer help to try out a new hair style. You can morph your own photo on to these hair styles to see how you would look with a particular hair color or cut.
  • Arrange for a consultation with the hair stylist about what would suit your face, skin tone, hair type etc. Also discuss what sort of hair style is right for you in terms of being high or low maintenance. Consider if you have the time or inclination for a high maintenance style. If you have something particular in mind, bring a photo to the consultation to show the stylist what exactly you mean and if it is possible for you.
  • It is important to be realistic about your expectations so discuss clearly what you want and what to expect. If you have poker straight hair, you cannot get yourself the Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman look and if you have curly hair, you are not going to get the Jennifer Anniston look, be warned!
  • Be conversant with hair dressing terms. For instance if you ask for a pixie cut, you should know exactly what it is. Also do you know difference between a graduate cut and a layered cut? Many women make the mistake of thinking these terms are interchangeable when in fact they mean the opposite of one another.
  • And remember to be courteous, tip generously and come across as a nice person. Being rude, demanding and uppity is not going to get you the best service or a stylist who will make the effort to fit you in the next time you want an urgent appointment.


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