Glamorous Hairstyle Ideas for Summer

When summer comes there are some changes in our lives, and these also affect our hair. We have to be looking for hairstyle ideas that stand up to humidity and that are fast and easy to create.

Idea for hairstyle: perky ponytail

hairstyle-ideasThis is more than just a regular ponytail, giving the roots a lift and also a base boost. Start by selecting a 2 inch lock at the top of the head and gather the rest of the hair into a high ponytail.

This idea for hairstyle means you could be using a bungee elastic with a hook at each end, because it makes the ponytail stick out.

Then get the section that has been selected earlier, tease it, finger comb it and then wrap it around the base of the ponytail. Secure it with a clear elastic. In case you would like to have atousled look, you should spritz the tail with texturizer.

Mermaid mane

This isn’t one of those new hairstyle ideas since the curly strands have always been a big hit for summer. Nonetheless this year the hairstyle is more about the undulating waves than the kinks. You should apply volumizing mousse on the towel dried hair and then blow dry it with the help of a paddle brush. Don’t pull too hard, because you want to achieve natural waves.

For this idea for hairstyle you will need a small curling iron. Work with 3 inch sections because when working with large sections you can get the job done faster and you will have languid spirals. As a finishing touch you should add shine-boosting silicone gloss to your locks.

Silk wrapped strands

This one of the hairstyle ideas is more colorful than the rest and it offers you a whole different look. You should find a colorful scarf and fold it until it gets about 3 inches wide and then twist the ends. Simplybrush your hair back and place the scarf about 2 inches behind the hairline. Ensure that the ends are at an even length.

In case of this idea for hairstyle there is the need to make sure that the scarf won’t slip. For this you will need to make two nods, a horizontal and a vertical one. This way you will have a tight knot.

Beachy bouffant

When thinking about hairstyle ideas for the summer, this is something you shouldn’t forget about. In case you would like to wear your hair down, but you don’t want it to get in your face, this is the way to go.

To use this idea for hairstyle, spritz your towel dried hair with volumizing spray and then blow dry it with the help of a round brush to create the bends and at the end. Comb the hair back on the top of the head and then create a center part. For these kinds of hairstyle ideas you have to brush the hair back and then twist both sides a couple of times, pinning them in the end.


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