Hairdos of Celebs Trending This Season

Here are some fresh hairdos sported by the celebrities, to try out this season.

Julianne’s braided updo

Julianne Hough turned up in a spunky hairdo for Elle’s 19th Women in Hollywood Celebration, which took place on the night of October 15. Peachy colored eye shadow, blush and Matte complemented her deep crimson colored lips perfectly. But her elaborate hairstyle turned out to be the real masterpiece, proving that ladies with blunt cut hair can equally pull off a sophisticated braid.

To re-create this stylish hairstyle, start by working up a tousled, loose plait beginning at your forehead’scenter, weaving it backwards. Tie it up and tease your crown. Slick the hair
on sides and pin it up into a bun at the back. The outcome is a mussy but elegant hairdo. Top it off with bright and bold makeup, just the way as Julianne did and have a fresh beauty ensemble for this Fall.

Fresh ways of doing up ponytail

Slicker pony tails are back in fashion this season and you can take a hint from these stars: Kate Bosworth, Whitney Port and Bella Heathcote who showed off different ways of styling your ponytail, keeping it glamorous at the same time.

  • Kate Bosworth added a little zing to her hairdo, by stroking the sides back and teasing the crown slightly. A bright shade of pink lip color provided some balance and complimented amplified updo.
  • Whitney chose to go with a low ponytail, slightly parted at the center, which accentuated her dewy complexion and lay emphasis on her smoky eyes.
  • Bella Heath opted for a liquid-slicked style, pulling back her hair together completely without a spit. This low-volume hairdo gave way for her winged, flirty eye liner to shine.

If you decide to style your pulled-back hair, you will be needing a hair spray to keep the style put.

Bangs on!

Update your hairstyle, the full-on fringe way this fall. Bangs have been in fashion for many seasons now; many celebs were spotted wearing them slightly above their brow


Taraji P. Henson’s wavy brow-grazers are great way of breaking the line of heavy blunt bang. Jessica Biel’s bangs teeter subtly in length to balance her mussy waves while Bella Heathcote’s taper cut brings out the beauty of her eyes.

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