Top 7 Hairstyling Tips to Glam-Up a Round Face

Round face shapes are advantageous face types for women as round-faced ladies are mistaken to look younger than they are. The typical characteristics of round shaped faces are heart like cheekbones, gradual curved lines with round jaw-line and full cheeks.

However, you sometimes tend to feel that this full-look on your face distracts the viewers from your other facial features such as your beautiful eyes and nose. So, your primary objective should be to slim down the look on your face and adjoin more definition to it. This can be achieved if you opt for those hairstyles which add height on top of your crown and avert the roundness of your round-shaped face.

Hairstyling Tips for Round Face

The following tips arrayed below will guide you to the methodologies of the best hairstyling tips suitable for your round-shaped face so that the spotlights follow you wherever you go:

Side-Swept Bangs

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Side bangs should be perfect on women with round faces because they develop angles and frame the face. To get perfect fringes, vertically blow dry your side bangs with a medium-sized round brush.

Chic Headband

Try adorning your hair with a glittering headband. Part your hair to one side, tug up a glittering headband and let a few strands of hair hang loose one your forehead to make it sweet and not boyish.

Flowing Waves

Flowing waves garnishing your face make your neck look longer which helps to balance out your face. Since, the volume of hair is in the lower part; your hair will appear smoother in the upper section and fuller below giving the roundness of your face less prominence.

Mussed-up Styling

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This hairstyle adds volume to the crown section, which creates an illusion of your face being longer. To develop this hairstyle, curl the front part of the hair with a curling iron, and then backcomb rest of the hair. Twist your hair up at the back and secure them with bobby pins. Finally, try pulling out a few hair strands out around your hairline.

Smoothened Hairstyle

Always avoid adding volume to the side of your face. However, you can adopt methods to flat iron hair until it’s completely straight and then add oils for an extra shine. This accentuates your round face in an appealing way, rather than hiding it.

Over-the-Shoulder Pony

Pull your hair up and away from your face as it adds up height and volume at the top of your head, minimizing the roundness of your face. It bestows you with a cute and classy look.

Understated updo

Side sweep your bangs along the forehead and tie your hair to an off-centre bun. It lengthens your round face and draws attention to your facial features such as nose and lips.

Do not stick to a particular hairstyle just because that suits your round face. Be versatile. Also, do not tuck your hair back. Try out these hairstyles and be the diva of the day.


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