New Hairstyles for Long Hair 2013 – Things to Look For

Each year comes with new trends and this year these also involve the new hairstyles for long hair 2013.

The truth is that there is a lot that you can do with long hair and the best thing about it is that you can have a different hairstyle every day. You have to know that in 2013 there are some you shouldn’t miss out on.

Wavy hairstyle with layers

Wavy hairstyle with layers

In case you have wavy hair, you should have some layers around the crown. Cut deep layers around the rest of the hair. Make sure that the ends of the hair will have a tapered look for the perfect effect. The advantage of this hairstyle is that it looks well with bangs too.

Choppy hairstyle with layers

If you would like to have this one of the long hair’s new hairstyles for 2013 you should have choppy layers all over. For you to have the layers, the hairstylist should cut all the strands to obtain different lengths. This way, your hair will have a chaotic but still pulled together look.

Flipped ends

Similarly to the first one of the new hairstyles for long hair 2013, in case of this hairstyle you will need some layers around the crown of your head. The rest should be cut to have deep layers. When styling the hair you need to flip the ends out for the perfect result. Side swept bangs work wonderfully for this hairstyle.

Razor cut layers

This one of the new hairstyles for long hair 2013 works best with straight hair. Cut the hair into long layers and then run a razor on the layers. This way you will have a simple hairstyle, but it will have a modern spin to it.

Sleek layered hairstyle

When thinking about this 2013 new hairstyle for long hair, you have to start with fine and straight hair. Part the hair in the center and cut deep layers on the sides. The first layer should be at jaw level. Side blunt bangs and a blunt Cleopatra looks amazing with this style.

Curly hairstyles as 2013 new long hairstyles

The women who have curly hair should take a look at the new hairstyles for long hair 2013. If you have layers around the face you can soften a heavy jaw line while the side swept bangs will accentuate the eyes. In this case you will have to use more products to ensure that the hair won’t become frizzy.

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