Interesting New Short Hairstyles for Men 2013

Some people say that men don’t really care about tends and fashion, but the truth is that they are more than interested in the new short hairstyles for men 2013.

When it comes to the new year, there are no hairstyles that we haven’t seen yet, but they have all been reinvented.

Short Hairstyles for Men

Side Parting

In order get it right with this hairstyle, you should make sure that there is no frizz in your hair. There is also need for some gel, but don’t apply too much because you don’t want the hair to be crispy. Push the hair to the side on one side and push it in the back on the other side. Use a comb to get the perfect parting.


This one of the new men’s short hairstyles for 2013 goes hand in hand with the previous one. In this case there is need for a center part and you can do this with your finger. Some styling cream or gel might come in handy. Apply it on the hair and use a wide toothed comb to pull the hair upwards and towards the side.


This is one of the shortest hairstyle from the new short hairstyles for men 2013. All you need is to tell your barber to fade the sides into the top. This is a simple and minimalistic hairstyle. Its only disadvantage is that you will have to pay your barber a visit quite often.


If you like this one of the 2013 men’s new hairstyles, you should start with blow drying the strands in the front upwards and the hair on the sides downwards. Apply some styling gel with your hands and create a pyramid shape using your hands. Bring the sides down to achieve the perfect look.

Chic and Shaved

In case you want the new short hairstyles for men 2013 that don’t need any effort to maintain, this might be the perfect one for you. There is no fuss about it but you have to make sure that you go to your barber from time to time.


The men looking for new short hairstyles for men 2013 who don’t have fine hair might want to consider styling their hair upwards. It looks like the spiky hairstyle will be a big hit next year.

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