Slick Catwalk Style Hairdo Is Quite Easy To Achieve

Do you want to look like Miranda Kerr and Katie Holmes? Then just prepare your hair for the stunning new hairdo-slick catwalk style.

This hairdo opens your face to the maximum and gives you the glamour look, so it was used by the biggest designers such as Gucci in representing their new ideas.

The most desirable hairstyle for 2010 is easy to make. This style is yet not for everyone, especially those who have curly hair. But for those of you, who have slick hair, this hairdo is simple to achieve and it is proper for all kind of events.

slicked back hairPlus this is the hairdo, which put accents on your best facial sides. All you have to do is to pull back your hair in the well known pony tail, but this time make it low and spray water on it for smoother look.

katie holmes slicked back hairDon’t forget that the hair is most easy to deal on the third day after washing.

Run the comb through all your hair and make it flat. Then simply wring the ponytail in a tiny bun and use pin so to hold it.

Finish the whole look of your hair with styling muse or gel in order to give your hair slick and soft look. In the end, use special sparkling spray for hair, which will put shine on your new stylish haircut.


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