The Fall Braids And The Most Spectacular Result

Braids were for sure a hit all through 2010, so were the loose hairstyle and milk-maid look. The fall is more than ever encouraging the girls to grab on to their patience and make their best to turn the most common, century old hairstyle into the best opportunity to be in the spot light and look spectacularly gorgeous.

Hair braids tend to become this fall the perfect opportunity to change something about your hairstyleeven if not make the change permanent.

1. Hippie

The hippie look fits the boho chic style and is created with a thin braid all across the forehead with the end carefully tucked under the hair above the ears. This style will create a cool look and it will fit any occasion where a loose, casual, outfit is required.


2. Thin And On The Sides

The thin double braids on the both sides of the head are certainly chic and Blake Lively seems to think so too. The long blonde hair will look beautiful with this casual hairstyle. Just make sure you add some volume conditioner on the still wet hair to get just this cool look.

braids style

3. Over The Top

Over the top twin braids are creating the lovable girly, girl look. This hairstyle is perfect for the not so clean hair and also is more than fit for any type of occasion regardless of casual or a black tie event.


4. The Russian Crown

The so called Russian crown braid is a real handful but do not give up when it comes to being beautiful. The hairstyle has everything to do with patience and also everything to do with a classical look. The hairstyle is as old as the Russian Empire but in the same time very trendy.


5. As Vogue As Possible

This is surely a hairstyle you would rather see on the cover of Vogue magazine than on the street but if you want to go for creating a 100% success hairstyle this is the way to go. Focus on getting curls on the top and a loose braid on the side and you will be as glamorous as possible.


The best way to go for this hairstyle is to get some extensions at work and most likely your hair will be perfectly fit to meet this hair extravaganza.


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