Long Hair in 5 Minutes- Trendy Hairstyles with Extensions

It has become a trend in the beauty industry to use hair extensions for hair up-dos for special occasions. While extensions have been something “exotic” so far, they are becoming more and more popular for wedding up-dos. Especially Clip in Extensions since they are very easy to use and can be removed anytime.

Whether pinned up or kept open, a side- or middle parting, the varieties of styling your hair with extensions are not scarce.

Imagine this scenario: You are choosing a hairstyle for your prom or wedding and you see something amazing in a magazine and ask your stylist to style your hair like that for you, but the length of your hair or the lack of volume will make it harder and in the end it doesn’t look anything like in the picture. Thanks to extensions you don’t have to worry about that problem anymore!

Extensions are not only used for weddings or other special occasions but also for daily use. You can choose from a variety of hair pieces, from synthetic hair to 100% human hair and from straight to wavy. The extensions can be colored, straightened or cut and can be styled just like your own hair.

Clip in Extensions are gaining popularity because they are affordable and easy to attach and remove. They allow you to change your look in no time and you don’t even have to go to a salon to get it done. Clip in Hair extensions are the safest and quickest way to add length, volume or color to your look without causing any damage to your own hair and are therefore a great alternative to permanent extensions.

The clip in solution is ideal for people who want to experience a change in their life or love to be spontaneous.  Stephan Rubin, CEO of Rubin Extensions, says that their customers often explain that they are in need of a change and enjoy trying out new variations.

For further information on Clip in Hair Extensions or on care products for extensions please visit www.rubin-extensions.ch


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