Hair Transplants – Possible Side Effects to Beware of

We spoke last week about hair transplants – what they are and who can have them done. However it is also necessary to know about the possible side effects of hair transplants so that unfortunate experiences can be avoided.


While it may sound simple enough that hair follicles that are growing in a healthy manner are surgically removed from one part of the scalp and transplanted to another, there are manynegative impacts of this to be considered –

There could be some pain and discomfort or some amount of numbness after the procedure is performed, though some do not experience this.

2.The contrary impact of temporary thinning of preexisting hair could occur in some cases.

3.As in all types of surgery, there is always the likelihood of infection, scarring and bleeding at the site of the surgery which should be taken into account.

4.Though the before and after pictures that the service providers show are usually those of people who have had excellent results, these may not be typical and it is not realistic to expect one will have a full head of hair once again as before.

Also the plugs where the hair follicles are inserted into the hair line can appear quite obvious to begin with; one should ask plenty of questions and get a realistic estimate of what final result one may expect.

5.In some cases, an obvious scar may form where the hair follicles were removed (usually the back of the head or the nape of the neck).

6.Some individuals are not satisfied with the way the first transplant goes and more procedures may be required as follow up. It is important to have an assessment made based on each individual’s own hair which will tell them how many procedures will be required.

The current hair density, type of hair, its color, how much it curls or doesn’t curl, are all factors that have to be taken into account to assess the probable success of the procedure(s).

7.It is important to understand that even the transplanted follicles could stop growing hair at some point in the future. So this is not a permanent solution to hair loss, and the balding could recur at some later date.

8.It is also important to have realistic expectations of hair transplant procedures – some younger individuals often have unrealistic expectations and they are doomed to disappointment.

There are many who can be helped by hair transplants, but as of now the system has its limitations in terms of who can use it.


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