Glossy Haircut Ideas for 2012 Spring Look

Why should women consider the glossy haircuts? The answer is simple – they offer a really feminine look and they have that special retro vibe that no other hairstyle can offer. No matter what people say, the short hairstyles are really versatile and they are just perfect for the busy lifestyles that the majority of women have these days.

Glossy Haircut

1. Reinvented pixie

The best thing about this hairstyle is that it suggests refinement and a retro glamour. A lot of women opt for this hairstyle because it shows the edgy and trendy side of its wearer. One of the celebrities known for having a hairstyle like this is Emma Watson.

She had smooth and polished locks that showed off her stylish side. You may observe that there are a lot of women who opt for a deep side part. In order to achieve a shiny and glossy look the key is to have the right finishing spray.

2. Blunt bob

One of the most interesting bob hairstyles is the blunt cut short bob with blunt fringes. To make the best of this hairstyle,  it should be kept smooth and glossy. If you manage to do this, you will get a sophisticated and elegant look in return. In order to achieve the perfect look you should use the flat ironand some shine serum. This way you can enhance the natural shine of your locks. It is the best way to turn a boring hairstyle into a trendy and chic one.

3. Short hairstyle and long bangs

This season the short hairstyle with long bangs is one of the most inspiring hairstyles of them all. The style itself is created by adding long edgy bangs to a short hairstyle. For the smooth and glossy tresses it is a must to use the flat iron. If you do everything right you will end up with a voguish and vampish look.

Why short hairstyles?

Traditionally it is believed that women are supposed to have long hair. The truth is that short hairstylesmake women stand out in a crowd and they make them look like they have more confidence than the others. To achieve the perfect results it is important to apply texturing products while the hair is still wet.

In case you are thinking about getting a hairstyle of this kind, you should know that you have to spend quite some time in front of a mirror to achieve the perfect results.


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