Hairdressing Scissors and How to Choose the Best Ones

If you use often hairdressing scissors, you most probably know that they should feel comfortable in your hands so that your hands won’t get tired and you will have smaller chances of carpal tunnel syndrome or RSI. Usually the hairstylists have several scissors for different purposes.

The size of the scissors for hairdressing

While some of the stylists like the long scissors, others go for the short scissors. The length required depends on the job that you have to do. The length is measured between the tip of the scissors and the end of the finger holes. The finger rest isn’t included.

Hairdressing Scissors

In order to know what size you need for your scissors for cutting hair, place the scissors in your palm, with the finger holes at the base of the thumb. The tip of the scissors should be as close as possible to the last section of your middle finger.

Blade types

When thinking about the blades of the hairdressing scissors, you have to think about two main kinds: the convex and the beveled edge. The kind you choose depends on your career, your personal preferences and also the financial possibilities.

Beveled edge

The most important thing about these scissors for haircutting is that they are made of a mixture of metals that makes them lightweight. The majority of the scissors have micro serrations on one or both of the edges. These blades are just great if you are learning to cut hair.
if you want hairdressing scissors for detail cutting, this is the blade for you. However these can’t be used for slice cutting because the hair jams the blade. Except for slicing they are suitable for just any technique that you may be using.

Convex blades

These haircutting scissors are also known as ‘Japanese style’ and they are the sharpest of the razoredged scissors. They offer a very smooth action because they are hollow on the inside. They can be used for just any cutting technique and they are just perfect for slicing. Usually the more experienced hairdressers use them.


The hairdressing scissors that have different handles also have different advantages. In this case the most important factor that you have to think about is the comfort of use. This depends on the cutting style and your hand’s shape, so the handles used vary from one hairdresser to the other.

Even or level and offset handle

This is the basic design when it comes to the stylist’s scissors. In this case the handles are symmetrical and they seem to be straight. In case of the offset handle one of the handles is longer than the other so that the hairdresser can keep the hand and the elbow at a lower position, which is more comfortable.

There is a lot to know about hairdressing scissors and you have to find those that feel just perfect in your hand and that are also suitable for the budget that you have. Regarding the scissors you should also think about your health.


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