Help Your Hair Grow Faster And Healthier

Have you ever asked yourself how come the celebrities we all love and admire are changing hairstyles so fast, especially growing their hair back with an amazing speed?

All women have wondered at one point or the other as to how do actresses cut their hair to follow ahaircut trend only to see them next year or even sooner with long locks.


Normally the hair takes years to grow. Seeing a famous celebrity like Jessica Alba or Eva Longoria display long hair after only six or eight months since they approached a trendy bob haircut, makes a girl wonder.

So what is the secret and how do they do it?

Professional hair saloons advise us to grow our hair smartly. This means that when a trendy haircut – the type of pixie, bob or cropped – is no longer what you need, you can choose stylish tricks to grow out that hairstyle.

Professionals encourage us to get rid of the damaged hair, so our hair roots will not have to feed and make other efforts on it. After being cut, the hair gets more vigorous and the roots nourish the healthy areas better encouraging growth.


When growing a short hairstyle, trimming the hair regularly – until the cropped layers reach the same level – is the right way to go. Of course, it takes a lot of patience but the result will surely be as expected. Hair trimming makes the hair follicle get thicker and more resistant; so make sure you go to a saloon at least once a week for as long as six weeks.


Heated hairstyling appliances like dryers, curlers, irons and crimpers are a big enemy of the hair growth; so stay away from them. Dry your hair the natural way and use the blow dryer only to add a finish to the hairstyle.

The rapid hair growth is conditioned by the chemical balance of your hair. Try and stay away from hair colors that use peroxide. Also read carefully the labels of the products you use for styling.

The hair growth likes fresh air and clean water. If you want long flowing locks, stay away from the sea and highly polluted areas.


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