Homemade Hair Conditioners To Protect Your Hair From Harmful Chemicals!

Hair ConditionersHair conditioning is very much important in this polluted atmosphere.

Hair conditioner is a product which helps in improving the texture and look of your hair.

Many different varieties of hair conditioners are available in the market.

Some of these conditioners can give better results and some of them may give adverse effects too.

Your hair is mainly composed of a protein called keratin which has higher amounts of amino acids in it. These amino acids will react positively on these hair conditioners.

Amino acids will assist the hair conditioners to remove dirt and dust from your hair and it can also remove the essential proteins (due to anionic substances present in conditioners), which are responsible for the hair growth.

So, it is always advisable to use natural or home made conditioners for conditioning your hair. For your surprise, it is very easy to condition your hair at home with the following tips.

Homemade hair conditioners can give you better results, as there is no need for you to use any harmful chemicals in preparation of conditioner.

Here are some of the best methods in preparing hair conditioners at home. Just try to use them and protect your hair from harmful chemicals.

Method 1:

Mix 1\4 cup of mayonnaise and olive oil to one egg. Mash it thoroughly and add 2 table spoons of lavender or mint oil to it. Apply this mixture to your hair and comb your hair after the application.

Leave it on your hair for 20 minutes by covering with a shower cap. Rinse it well afterwards. This home made hair conditioner works well if you have dry hair and also suits for normal hair. Follow this procedure regularly to get shiny and healthy hair.

Method 2:

Take an egg and beat it thoroughly until it gets foamy. Take few drops of baby oil and one cup of water. Mix the oil and water to the egg.

Apply this mixture to your hair and massage it to your scalp for 10 minutes and rinse it well. Use good shampoo to wash your hair. This method also serves as a good hair conditioner.

Method 3:

For a 1\2 cup of honey, add 1\4 cup of olive oil. Mix it well and immediately apply this mixture to your hair, so that it can spread through out the hair evenly. Keep it for 30 minutes and wash your hair thoroughly with good quality shampoo and rinse it well.

Method 4:

Take some coconut milk and mash it with avocado oil. Apply this mixture to your hair and comb your hair thoroughly. Leave it for 10-15 minutes and wash your hair with shampoo.

Method 5:

Mix five table spoons of natural yogurt to egg white and beat it well until it gets foamy. Apply this mixture to your hair. Let it set for 15 minutes and then rinse it well with lukewarm water.

To have healthy and shiny hair try these homemade hair conditioners. Apart from this, if you want to choose any conditioner from the market, always prefer herbal hair conditioners, which are made with plant based oils and mainly contain with herbal extracts.


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