How to Help Your Hair Grow Faster This Winter

Short hair hairstyles add a youthful touch to your appearance but in case you want shinny long locks to show off the next spring you are surely interested on how to grow your hair during winter.

How to Help Your Hair Grow Faster This Winter

Your hair has its own growth rhythm and in many occasions helping it grow it’s all about making significant changes in your lifestyle and beauty routine.

Smart Styling

When it comes to aiding the hair growth you should keep in mind that the styling products you use can make a lot of difference. The largest majority of styling products carry the same ingredients as household detergents. Choose green styling products to limit the intake of damaging chemical agents into your hair follicles.

Heat and sunlight damage the hair. If the sunlight is not a problem during winter, heat certainly is. This is why you should avoid using the blow dryer as much as possible and the same goes for the flat iron.

According to the most famous stylists one hydrating mask each week is enough to stimulate the hair growth.

Vitamins and Protein

In case you introduce Omega 3, 6 and 9 into your diet , you can be sure you will stimulate the hair growth. A diet rich in protein and good oils is also able to help the hair grow.

Special Conditioning Products

Hair saloons are not the only places you can find special hair care products that offer a professional conditioning. Look for conditioners that come with biotin, arginine, fish oil and phytantriol. These have the ability to help regenerate the hair and act by supporting a deep conditioning. In the same time they stimulate the hair follicle.

Avoid Humidity and Excessive Washing

Because your hair is tucked under hoods, hats and beanies during winter, you will be tempted to wash it more often. In case you want to help your hair grow faster you should limit washing the hair at only twice a week. Also try to keep the hair safe from humid environments and avoid exposing it to snow.

Rest and No Stress

You may think that your hair isn’t growing when in fact very small sections of it are constantly breaking. Stress is a major factor behind frail and easy to break hair. Also the normal hair loss is increased by stress.

It might sound like wishful thinking but getting a good night sleep stimulates the hair growth more than any hair treatments because during sleep the hair follicle is getting its vital nutrients.


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