How to Make Straight Hair Curly for Sexy Waves?

The truth is that we would all like to have nice curly hair, but how to make straight hair curly? There are some methods that are working for sure, but you have to be prepared for the fact that there is quite some work to do.

Preparation as the first step of the answer for how to make straight hair curly

 Make Straight Hair Curly for Sexy Waves

You have to start with washing your hair and then using a conditioner. If you know that you are going to go out the next day, you should wash your hair the night before, so that you won’t have a wet hair look. After you are done with washing, you should comb your hair with a wide toothed comb to get rid of the knots. When turning straight hair curly it is important not to have knots, and if you can’t manage this, you could try using a children’s hair detangler, because they may work better than the ones for adults.

For the crimped look

In case you would like to turn straight hair curlyin a natural way, you should separate the hair into four equal parts, and then create smaller braids. In case you have bangs, you should blow dry them, but you should leave the rest of the hair to dry on its own. After you are done with the braiding, secure them with ponytail holders.

Regarding turning straight hair curly, you should know that it might help if you to go out with the braids, and that is the best option, because the longer you keep the braids, the more crimped your hair will turn out. You should be having the braids on even when you are sleeping.

In the morning

The next day you should remove the ponytail holders. In case you have been wondering how to makestraight hair curly, here is your answer once you remove them you will have wonderful crimped hair. Make sure that you don’t comb the hair, because it will become fizzy. You just hand comb it and then style it.

Another option for turning straight hair curly

In case you are looking for another hairstyle, you should sacrifice a day or two to stay at home (this is because you don’t want to be seen like this). This method is teaching you a trick for how to makestraight hair curly and you have to start the same way as in the previous case, but after separating the hair, you should twist it and create four small buns. Make sure that you will have the buns long enough, and this means that you will have to sleep with them.

Turning straight hair curly

In the morning undo the buns and finger comb your hair. In the end you will look like you have a perm. To make sure that the curls will stay you should spray some hairspray on the hair.

Now you know how to make straight hair curly and you can be sure that your hair won’t get damaged in the process.


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