How to Repair Hair Damage after Coloring

Giving your hairstyle a different and attractive shade must be the most important part of your overallmakeover. However, the colors you use are equally harmful for your hair if not selected carefully.

Expensive never means the best. No matter how expensive your hair color is, there is always a chance that it might damage your hair up to a certain extent. So, it is the best thing if you care for your hair both before and after you color your hair.

The most harmful thing about permanent color is that it leaves the hair dry. You probably already know that dry hair is more prone to be broken.


So, it takes careful attention to keep the colored hair moisturized. In order to do that, you can apply some natural home-made moisturizer twice a week.

First take the yellow part of an egg and mix it with two table spoon full of olive oil. Mix it properly for a few minutes and then apply the mixture thoroughly to your hair.

Leave the hair soaked in the mixture for ten to fifteen minutes. Then rinse the mixture thoroughly with warm water. Finally, wash your hair with shampoo and apply mild conditioner.

The second caution about your colored hair is the use of hair dryer. If you have colored your hair, it is already dry and fragile. Using dryers frequently makes it more fragile and susceptible.

So, it would be wise to avoid hair dryer or iron. Even if you need to use dryers, use it with the lowest temperature. You may need to go to the barber every two weeks to get rid off the torn parts of your hair. Leaving your hair torn for a long time might lead to a worse situation for your hair.

Caution must be followed while using shampoo and conditioner with colored hair. The most important thing about using shampoo is that it leaves the hair even drier. The life-less dry hair can break off more frequently. So, it is strongly advised to avoid shampoo and conditioner.

If it is the situation when you cannot avoid using shampoo, you must use it less frequently and if possible, never more than twice a week. However, you may use moisturizer of any good brand to avoid your hair being dried out.

Lastly, the overall health of your hair also depends on your good physical condition. Your body requires a certain amount of nutrition to grow healthy. A balanced physical condition is necessary to grow hair healthy.

The most important of all nutrition facts is the water content of your body. You must drink enough water to keep your skin healthy and moisturized. Moreover, it would be really helpful if you just massage your scalp with your finger tips everyday. It will help a lot to increase the blood flow in your scalp and thus reduce the tendency of hair loss.

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