It Is Easy To Get Curly Hair Through Perming!

PermingIn order to have different look, you will follow different ways of styles in different situations.

Your style will be indicated by your dress, costumes, hair style etc.

Among different hair styles, perming is one type of hair style.

Perming is a process in which your hair will be made into curls with particular method.

In some countries more than 70% of women follow this process in order to give their body color to hair.

The process of perming will give good results in expert’s hand. Perming is a tribute to the skill of technicians and stylists. After completing perming successfully, you hair will be curly and attractive.

The process of perming:

  • In this process, your hair will be washed first and then it is rounded to some kind of former such as rod or curler. After some time, perm lotion will be applied to your hair. This perm lotion will be made up of alkaline and it will be useful to open the scales of the cuticle slightly and it also allows the lotion to flow under the cuticle and into the cortex.
  • In such stage, it reacts with the keratin of the cortex by breaking some disulphide cross links between or with in the protein chains. After the reaction, your hair will be swelled and softened. It is made in such stage so that it can stretch to take up the shape of formers.
  • Later you should wash the perm lotion present on your hair thoroughly. After washing your hair, a neutralizing lotion will be applied to your hair. This lotion will reform the broken cross links in hair and make your hair harder to set into curlier, new shape.
  • The process of perming your hair is not the good process. But most of the women prefer it to have different look from others. Your hair will be damaged a lot with this process.

The various disadvantages of this perming process are:

  • Not all hair will be suitable for perming. Your hair should be thin for perming.
  • Your hair will be weakened because of using certain chemicals in this process.
  • The cuticle scales will fail to close up tightly after perming.
  • Your hair will be roughened after this process.
  • In correct application of perming, straightening and relaxing lotion can affect your hair a lot with severe hair problems. They dissolve your hair fibers and can lead to the breakage of your hair constantly.
  • The side effects of perming cannot be able to observe on the same day. The disadvantages of this can be observed day by day.
  • Perming is the process which should be done perfectly. If over perming is performed by your hair stylist, then it can lead to poor neutralization of your hair.
  • You should select the person who has well experience in perming.

These are the various disadvantages with perming. You should go for it if it suits you.


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