What Are Keratin Treatments for Hair Straightening and How Effective Are They?

They call them keratin treatments for hair straightening or the Brazilian Keratin Treatment, the Brazilian Blowout or simply Brazilian Hair Straightening. This is a method of hair straightening that falls somewhere between hair rebonding (using chemical treatments to alter the bonds in the hair for permanent straightening) and ironing or blowing drying the hair straight.

This Brazilian Keratin Treatment can be thought of as a long term blow dry for the hair which will last for about 3 months or so. Also the treatment may not offer completely straight or poker straight hair that rebonding may offer. The treatment and its efficacy may depend upon the nature and the texture of hair.

Brazilian Kerati Treatment

Rather than a straightener, the keratin treatmentfor straightening can more accurately be described as a hair relaxing treatment that helps control frizz and unmanageability of hair.

Women who have wavy hair and who need to use hair spray, mousse or gel find that they don’t need to use these products after this treatment, at least for the duration of its efficacy.

Even in very humid and moist conditions the hair will remain straight and relaxed instead of curling up into curly tendrils. Many women love the straight and shiny hair they get as a result of the hair treatment.

However others find that the hair does become frizz free and shiny, but that the curl persists at least to an extent. So the results of the treatment can vary significantly with the nature of your hair. At any rate the hair is more manageable and easy to style as a result of the straightening treatment.

Possible shortcomings of the keratin hair straightening treatment

Many women find that this is not a cost effective solution for manageable and frizz free hair. Not only do the treatments cost a lot of money, they also don’t last as long as do hair rebonding treatments so they are a recurring expense.

Further there are significant concerns about the side effects of the Brazilian Blowout product such as burning of the eyes, throat, nose and skin irritation. In some cases, there may also be breathing difficulties and hair loss as a result of using the product.

The other concern is that the product contains a known carcinogen; formaldehyde can also cause blindness, skin problems, gastrointestinal problems and headaches. There is also pending litigation against the company that consumers and salon workers have initiated.


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