Lengthening Your Hair With Bonding, Weaving Or Fusion

hair care1Since the introduction of hair extensions, women can now not only change the color of the hair whenever they want but can also have hair as long as their hearts desire.

It is achieved by one of three methods, bonding, weaving or fusion, the latter is also referred to as strand by strand.

Each technique can be carried out in different ways, so just like hair stylists with their individual take on a cut, every professional can have his or hers own version on the artistry of hair extensions.

There are pros and cons to all the different ways to extend hair but usually a salon will be able to advise you what is best for your hair type etc.

The process of bonding is where glue attaches a hair weft, these can made by hand or machine, to the roots of your hair. By securing strands of hair horizontally hair flowing vertically a weft is achieved.

Weaving is similar except that the hair is stitched onto something called a track or corn row. This is made close to the scalp around the head and the person’s own hair covers the track to look more natural.

The other system is called fusion or strand by strand and this is a more long lasting and more expensive approach to automatic long hair.

Heated sticks of glue are used to secure extensions to hair approximately quarter of an inch from the scalp. It looks much more natural and is unnoticeable to the untrained eye.

In terms of the type of hair actually used in all or any of these procedures it is grouped between synthetic hair which is great for creating fashionable looks or human hair for a very casual natural effect. The human hair used often comes from Europe where hair is usually stronger which is essential for hair to be able to last for any length of time.

It is always important to go to a reputable salon for your hair extensions, as cheap methods will just mean results that simply fall out. Do not necessarily pay the most money, reputation is the key and just by asking around locally or in town you will soon find out who is the one of the best.

Hair extensions are very popular in Europe so anyone with overseas experience or that have been trained there will know a lot about them. Prices start at one hundred and fifty dollars and can go up to over two thousand so make sure you know what to expect.


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