Some of the Most Ridiculous Hair Care Myths One Needs to Stop Believing Now!

There are many myths about hair and hair care which most people believe to be true and keep following them without really finding the logic behind them. Some of these myths have been passed down by older generations to us while some of them are a result of modern day duping. The following are some of the most common hair care myths and the real facts associated with them.

most ridiculous hair care myths one needs to stop believing now

Regular Trims can Help in Hair Growth

Almost everyone must have heard that regular trimming can actually result in better and faster hair growth but this is nothing but a myth. Trimming does help in maintaining hair quality but it cannot affect the way our hair grows. Afterall, hair grows from the roots and not from the ends which are actually cut during a hair trim.

Using the Same Shampoo for a Long Period of Time Lessens its Effect

This is another very common myth which many people tend to believe in. This myth has been spread around by so many people that it actually seems like the truth whereas in reality the real truth is far from this. There is no link between using a shampoo for a long time and reducing its effects.

Plucking Gray Hair may Lead to Growth of More

Well whoever started this myth must actually be hanged! Well there is no truth in the fact that plucking of gray hair can lead to the growth of more such gray hair. What really happens in this case is that plucking hair can irritate the follicle and due to this, unhealthy hair may result. Actually, one must keep away from plucking hair, gray or not.

Shampoo, Rinse-Repeat

Many people believe that if you shampoo, rinse your hair and repeat this process, then it can actually be better for your hair but this is nothing but just another common myth related to hair care. Shampooing your hair just once is good enough and over-shampooing can actually lead to hair damage. Not only shampooing once saves you from hair damage but also gives you another 5-10 minutes in your daily schedule.

Comb Hair from Top to Bottom

Many people think that combing hair from top to bottom is a good idea but this too is just a myth. On the contrary, combing hair from top to bottom can actually lead to a lot of breakage and may not prove all that great for you. It is better to start combing from the ends and then making your way up.

Sunlight is a Healthy Way to Lighten Hair

In the list of myths, another is that sunlight is a healthy way to lighten hair. Sunlight may do the lightening on its own but is not a method you must especially follow or inculcate in your regime. Constant exposure to sunlight can infact be harmful for hair and may make the scalp sensitive as well.


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