How to Use Castor Oil for Hair Growth

There are a lot of people who would like their hair to grow faster, so they are looking for some products that would offer them this result. If you are one of these people, consider castor oil for hair growth. It is said that the best kind to use for your hair is Jamaican black castor oil that you can find at just any supermarket or drugstore.

In case you find it difficult to purchase it, you may find some online retailers that have the purest form of it.

castor-oil-for-hair-growthThe main point is to find unrefined oil. The unrefined hair growth castor oil is the best because it is the closest to its natural state. Usually the color is darker and the scent is also richer.

Benefits castor oil for hair growth

The product comes with omega-3 fatty acids that help with the moisturizing of the hair and the scalp, so they won’t dry out. But does it actually help the hair grow? The answer is it really does. In case you regularly apply castor oil to your scalp and hair roots you will promote moisturized hair and also hair growth that will become visible in a few months.

The castor oil also prevents hair damage. In case the hair is already damaged, it will hide the signs of it and you will have full and thick hair over time.

You also have the possibility to make some experiments with hair growth castor oil so you could add it to your regular conditioner for a deep conditioning treatment. The amount of castor oil that you need to use is not set up by any standards, so you will have to experiment a bit.

If you use too much castor oil for hair, your hair might end up looking greasy so it is better to start with a small amount, like a tablespoon or even less.

One of the best things about castor oil is its versatility, which means that you can mix it with other oils as well to get rid of the super-thick consistency, for in spite of the dilution the properties of the oil remain untouched. You could try to mix the hair growth castor oil with sweet almond oil to achieve lighter oil that is easier to spread and has a nicer scent.

You can apply the castor oil for hair growth not only to the roots of the hair, but also to the ends to make the hair look shinier and to treat the frizzy, split and damaged ends. With time you will cut the damaged ends, and you will see that the new ends won’t get damaged so easy.

You can use homemade recipes for hair products using hair growth castor oil but you need to remember not to apply the oil to the full length of the hair, because it may be difficult to rinse due to its consistency.

To make castor oil work, you should apply it and then put on a plastic cap. In the end wrap your hair in a towel and let the castor oil for hair growth sit for the night. Make sure you wash your hair well and rinse carefully in order for the treatment benefits to be visible.


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